DJ ElekTrigger

progressive and psychedelic Trance


ElekTrigger literally grew up around the corner from Waldfrieden, which is well known for the international psytrance festival "Wonderland" and the familial summer opening festival "Hai in den Mai".

For nearly 20 years they have been throwing parties at their unique tavern in a hidden forest glade and their spectecular "on tour events" all over Germany.

His love for electronic music began after one of the first techno parties at Waldfrieden in the early 90´s. After that he was addicted... to electronic music !!!

So it was just a matter of time untill he started to experiment with music and soon became one of the resident DJ´s of this famous venue.

His prefered style ranges between progressive and psychedelic trance. You can feel the influence of techno and hear the meaning of trance music.

Let´s take you on a psychedelic journey...


  • Wonderland / Hai in den Mai, Waldfrieden
  • Freqs of Nature, Niedergörsdorf
  • Hadra Trance Festival, France
  • Odyssee, Berlin
  • Vision of Nexus, Hannover
  • Chromatic Sphere, Osnabrück
  • Flopkick, Melle
  • NOMAD, Hamburg
  • Cafe3Klang, Essen
  • Zappelkiste, Dresden
  • Kultursündikat, Bielefeld
  • Klangtunnel, Bremerhaven
  • Electric Fusion, Obergünzburg
  • etc.

Side Project

S. Beck



Techno / Minimal / Electro

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